WeBull Free Stock – Signup and get 2 Free Stocks. Is it better than Robinhood?

WeBull Free Stock & Robinhood Free Stock

Get 2 Free Stocks on WeBull (up to $1800) and Free Stock on Robinhood (up to $250)

Webull is the new King in town. The Mobile/Desktop apps might not be as user friendly as Robinhood but they sure beat Robinhood when it comes to features. Extended trading is better than Robinhood. Level 2 trading can be earned by just finishing a few tasks. Extensive educational material to help you get started. The best feature is the ability to see option charts for a particular option, giving you its history, something lacking on Robinhood. The stock quotes also seem to be faster than Robinhood, probably due to fewer users compared to Robinhood. The platform is extensive and is far superior than Robinhood when it comes to trading from a desktop. Charts are more intuitive, allowing drawings and indicators. If you rely on those tools then WeBull is a great platform to be on. Checkout the snapshot below of the killer desktop app they have. It takes some time to get used to but its worth it.

Verdict: WeBull definitely has more features but might not be as user friendly as Robinhood. It will definitely give Robinhood run for its money.

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