Best Service to send money abroad

Transferwise – Send money abroad

Sending money abroad has never been this easy or fast. I recently started using TransferWise and I have found it to be the cheapest and fastest way to send money from U.S.A. Whether sending to India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, they are pretty competitive and reliable. ACH transfer from bank is the cheapest and most efficient method taking less than a minute. The funds delivered within 30 seconds of payment approval. Not sure if the process takes longer if amount is bigger but it was pretty fast. Especially when considering ACH transfers within banks takes a day or two. Comparing Transferwise to remittance services, the overall cost is pretty much the same. Where some banks/services hide fees with currency rates others are more transparent on fees. These guys give you an upfront breakdown which is quiet fair for the speed of service they provide and that’s why I am sticking with them. I am open to any suggestions you guys might have. Will update the post with the suggested service if you guys think there’s a better one out there.

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